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Jessica Chastain praises director Christopher Nolan as an “inspiration” as he wins at the 2015 Empire Awards

Hollywood beauty Jessica Chastain presented her Interstellar director Christopher Nolan with the best director gong at the Empire Awards on Sunday night.
Google hits Play on 'Interstellar' video time capsule

- 1 week earlier @ The movie was curated by Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, and timed to the digital home-entertainment release of the Matthew McConaughey star-vehicle, which focuses on an astronaut's attempt to find a habitable planet to supplant an ailing Earth.

Neil deGrasse Tyson reveals first guests, premiere date for 'StarTalk' show

- 1 week earlier @ President Jimmy Carter, "Interstellar" director Christopher Nolan, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, astronaut Chris Hadfield, author Arianna Huffington, "Star Trek" star George Takei and "All in the Family" creator Norman Lear are the guest ...

Short Film Curated by Interstellar's Christopher Nolan Highlights Humanity

- 1 week earlier @ The short film, a collaboration between “Interstellar” and Google Play and curated by “Interstellar” director Christopher Nolan, was created from over 10,000 submissions from people around the globe. The film is described as “highlighting the human ...

Jonathan Nolan reveals his simpler, darker, original Interstellar ending

- 1 week earlier @ The wormhole falling apart would have prevented Cooper from returning home or interacting with the tesseract, which, according to Nerdist, was director Christopher Nolan's idea. Instead, his journey would have ended there, with Cooper sacrificing ...

Jimmy Carter
Richard Dawkins


Home Theater: Christopher Nolan's bold, offbeat 'Interstellar'

'Interstellar,' 'Wild,' 'Silicon Valley: The Complete First Season, Cries and Whispers,' and more. New releases on DVD, Blu-ray and/or VOD: 'Interstellar,' 'Wild,' 'Silicon Valley: The Complete First Season, Cries and Whispers,' and more.

See how Interstellar's best characters, TARS and CASE, were made

The robots of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, the walking boxes TARS and CASE, were two of my favorite characters from last year's science fiction film. In a behind the scenes video for Interstellar, we get a look at how TARS and CASE were designed and controlled, and when they were replaced (or enhanced) by CGI. Christopher Nolan and other members of the film crew talk about the "minimalist ...

'Interstellar' Blu-Ray Delivers Glorious Transfer And Awesome Extras

Director Christopher Nolan's epic science fiction adventure Interstellar arrives on home entertainment next Tuesday, March 31 -- it is already out on Digital-HD -- and brings with it not only a gorgeous transfer of the film but also hours of fascinating science and behind-the-scenes features, not to mention online games and content to enhance your understanding of the real scientific concepts at ...

Watch How the Interstellar Team Created Those Terrifying Dust Storms: Exclusive

Christopher Nolan ditched the CGI in favor of truckloads of real dust

See how the 'Interstellar' robots walked on set as life-sized puppets, not CGI

A fascinating behind-the-scenes video shows how mobile metal cabinets TARS and CASE really walked among the actors of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi opus.

Superhero Bits: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Agents of SHIELD, Aquaman, Flash, Age of Ultron

Want to see the comic book frames Christopher Nolan used as inspiration for The Dark Knight Trilogy? How will Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman connect? How many Mark Millar comics are being turned into movie at the moment? Do you want to see a GIF of the movie Batmobiles morphing into one another? What did […] The post Superhero Bits: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Agents of SHIELD, Aquaman, Flash ...

Watch: If 'Interstellar' Comes True, Here's Earth's 'Time Capsule, ' Curated By

Indie Wire: From director and editor David Brodie and creative director Angus Wall, the short film was curated by acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, compiled from over 10,000 submissions from people all over the world, highlighting the human spirit and how ...


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