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Christopher Nolan Nixed Post-Credit Scene for 'Man of Steel'

"A real movie wouldn't do that" read more
Christopher Nolan Speaks Up on Sound Mix Issues in 'Interstellar'

- 5 days earlier @ But before it even started screening for the public, there were more than a few complaints about the sound mix that was reportedly meticulously overseen by Christopher Nolan. This wouldn't be the first time Nolan had problems with sound as we all ...

Christopher Nolan Pens 'Interstellar' Comic to Fill in Movie's Backstory

- 4 days earlier @ Take an expanded look at a key character from the film read more

Christopher Nolan Writes 'Interstellar' Prequel for Comic

- 4 days earlier @ The 8-page comic focuses on Dr. Mann's arrival at the icy planet and his moral deterioration.

Christopher Nolan pens Interstellar mini comic

- 3 days earlier @ Christopher Nolan has penned a mini comic about an Interstellar character played by Matt Damon.

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Hurtling across the expanding universe of Christopher Nolan’s vaulting imagination

Ever since “Inception,” we have been a follower and admirer of Christopher Nolan’s amazing film output, characterized by his knack for making reality turn turtle to reveal the actual meaning and essence of its heretofore recondite heart of hearts.

What it Would Look Like if Christopher Nolan Directed 'Mrs. Doubtfire

Bustle: Cool Thing That Happened On The Internet Alert: A trailer for one of Robin Williams' most well-known and beloved movies, Mrs. Doubtfire, has gotten a Christopher Nolan makeover. Don't worry—everything we know and love and cherish about Williams' role ...

This week's 'Ask Drew' examines the aggressive issue of Chris Nolan fanboys

HitFix: We're trying to turn each episode of "Ask Drew" into a fun little streamlined bullet fired directly into your brain pan. I can be a verbose SOB given even the slightest prompting, and part of the fun of "Ask Drew" is that I have no time to prepare for ...

Christopher Nolan Talks ‘Interstellar’ Ending and That Big Third-Act Twist

Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar features a pretty powerful message about love, but it’s not all sweetness and light. It doesn’t shy away from the darker side of humanity, particularly in a third-act twist that puts our heroes in jeopardy. In a new interview, Nolan discusses that divisive scene, laying out the logic and motivations that led […] The post Christopher Nolan Talks ‘Interstellar ...

Christopher Nolan Talks 'Interstellar' Ending and That Big Third-Act Twist

/FILM: Christopher Nolan's Interstellar features a pretty powerful message about love, but it's not all sweetness and light. It doesn't shy away from the darker side of humanity, particularly in a third-act twist that puts our heroes in jeopardy. In a new ...

Box Office Preview: 'Interstellar, ' 'Big Hero 6' Set to Rocket Past $50 Million in U.S. Debut

Many believe 'Big Hero 6' will beat Christopher Nolan's pricey space epic for the weekend read more

INTERSTELLAR's Christopher Nolan to Curate a Time Capsule Short Film

We Are Movie Geeks: Submissions will be selected to then be part of a short film made and produced by award-winning filmmakers David Brodie (The Witness, Survivors) and Angus Wall (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network) and curated by Christopher Nolan.


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Christopher Nolan wrote an Interstellar prequel comic about its surprise character

A.V. Club: Continuing his tradition of writing dialogue that you can't hear, Christopher Nolan has written a seven-page Interstellar prequel comic for Wired as part of his guest-editing stint. The comic, drawn by Punk Rock Jesus artist Sean Gordon Murphy, fills ...

Christopher Nolan Wrote an Interstellar Comic to Explain the Backstory

TIME: Interstellar writer and director Christopher Nolan wrote a seven-page comic to satiate moviegoers' curiosity about the film's backstory. The comic will follow Matt Damon's character Dr. Mann, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and is scheduled to ...

Read Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ prequel comic

Christopher Nolan wrote an Interstellar prequel comic, and it’s pretty cool. Spoilers for Interstellar will follow. Of all the roles in Interstellar, none were more highly guarded than Matt Damon’s character of Dr. Mann. It did leak out that Damon was cast in the film for a super secret role, but that role was never […] The post Read Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ prequel comic appeared ...


'Interstellar' Prequel Comic Written by Christopher Nolan Now Online

Screen Rant: Christopher Nolan's Interstellar focuses on Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his team's search for a new home for humanity, but their group wasn't the first one to go through the wormhole. Long before Professor Brand (Michael Caine) sent Cooper out on ...

Christopher Nolan wrote an 'Interstellar' comic about a certain spoiler's

Entertainment Weekly: Want more Interstellar? You're in luck—today, you can experience an entire lost chapter of the film, thanks to a new short comic written by Christopher Nolan himself. Illustrated by the award-winning team of Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth (The ...

Read the 'Interstellar' Prequel Written By Christopher Nolan

ScreenCrush: We're going to jump straight into spoilers right at the end of this sentence, so if you haven't had a chance to see Christopher Nolan's science fiction adventure yet, you may want to consider turning around. Okay. Let's go. About halfway through ...

There's an Interstellar Comic Written by Christopher Nolan

Den of Geek!: In a collaboration with artist Sean Gordon Murphy, Mr. Nolan has created the lost chapter of Interstellar, detailing the early days of Dr. Mann's mission to the stars. I won't go into more detail here, for obvious reasons, but if you're a fan of the ...


You can read Christopher Nolan's Interstellar prequel comic online now

Digital Trends: Yesterday brought news that fans of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar can buy a ticket for unlimited screenings of the filmmaker's cosmic adventure, and now a prequel comic tied to the film has been published online, scripted by Nolan himself. The seven ...


Welcome. Christopher Nolan Pens Interstellar Prequel Comic - IGN

IGN: Interstellar director and scribe Christopher Nolan has written a prequel comic for the film, titled Absolute Zero, that further explores the story of Dr. Mann and the Lazarus missions. During the film, it's revealed that Dr. Mann -- played by Matt ...


Christopher Nolan releases Interstellar comic prequel

The Guardian: Working with the award-winning artist Sean Gordon Murphy, the film-maker reveals the back story surrounding the Lazarus missions. In Nolan's film, these are revealed to have been the first attempts to journey through a wormhole to planets beyond our ...

Christopher Nolan Creates Comic Strip To Explain Interstellar Back Story

Moviemaker Christopher Nolan has created an Interstellar comic strip to help film fans who were bamboozled by the outer-space blockbuster. Nolan's artwork, titled Absolute Zero, focuses on mysterious character Dr. Mann and his robot Skipp and begins before the start of Interstellar.


Fans Asked to Share Memories for Christopher Nolan-Curated Short Documentary

Hollywood Reporter: The director will be curating a short film documentary based on fan submissions of present-day moments that will future generations. The project is part of Paramount Pictures and Google Play's joint marketing campaign around the sci-fi film, which ...

Christopher Nolan says Interstellar sound issues were intentional

Digital Spy: Christopher Nolan has revealed that the occasional faintness of dialog in his science fiction blockbuster Interstellar was intentional. The director told The Hollywood Reporter that the production team made conscious decisions about how to mix the ...

Christopher Nolan explains reasoning behind 'Interstellar

Couldn't make out some of the dialogue in Interstellar? Good news: Your hearing is fine. Director Christopher Nolan talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the use of sound in Interstellar and why some lines weren't the ...

Watch The Hollywood Reporter's Full 'Interstellar' Discussion With

It's time to travel deep into Interstellar with director Christopher Nolan and his stars. Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain...


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